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(HOT SALE) Mini Vacuum Sealer +Bags

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😫Keep your food fresh for up to 5 times longer by creating a perfect vacuum seal!😫

Every year we waste hundreds of dollars on the food we never eat due to improper storage in freezers and fridges. Our easy to use Mini Vacuum Sealer wants to change that, by helping keep your food fresher for longer. We've all seen vacuum sealers before, but what makes this one different is its size and simplicity!

Fast and convenient, as long as 3 seconds can be packaged!

Regular sealers are bulky and can take up a significant amount of space on your countertop but the Mini Vacuum Sealer is compact and stores away easily in your kitchen drawer. It is a rechargeable, handheld vacuum pump designed that works great to enhance food storageWith a push of a button, you can lock in freshness and protect it from air, humidity, and insects. A cord-free and portable food vacuum that you can take on road trips and family vacations.

Ordinary foil and zipper bags trap air in ruining your food and wasting your money. 😍That's why this Mini Vacuum Sealer bags are designed with a special one way valve that lets air out and seals freshness in... prolonging the flavor, nutrition and shelf life of your food. 😍

Save Money! Bags are REUSABLE! 

😱Great For Everyday Use With Deli Meats, Cheeses & Other Refrigerated Foods

Cordless, Compact And Easy To Use

One-Touch Operation Vacuums

Air-Tight With The Press Of A Button

Conveniently Stored In A Drawer For Easy Access 

How to Use (Step by Step)
  1. Fill Bag With Food

    You can fill the bag up to the top or fill it only a quarter full, based on your needs—this won't change the performance of the system press Button On Device. 

    Next, place the blue food-sealing device included with your set on top of the plastic bag that you just filled. If you've got it right-side up, you should see a small white button on top and should be able to read the words on the logo. Press the white button to suck all the air out of the food-filled plastic bag underneath it.

  2. Close Up Bag and Store

    After you've sucked the air out of the plastic bag in front of you by using the compact blue food-sealing device, close up the bag's double-zip fastener at the top. Following that, you can store your food as you normally would, but with the expectation that it'll last longer.

Package includes:

Vacuum sealer set: Mini Vacuum Sealer +Bags(2 large bag+4 small bags)


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